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Norsta is adding another innovative safety appliance, the wireless fire alarm system by Ramtech Technologies.

The dependable wireless technology we use enables the system to be installed quickly and moved around as required without damaging the building.


Unlike hard wired systems, WES can be used in the most complex of locations where traditional hard-wired alarms would be impractical or cost-prohibitive.



Product Launch at

OGA 2019

Norsta Asia launch its new product, Rescuesonic, a remote control lifebuoy at Oil and Gas 2019 exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


The 3 days exhibition has given the market awareness that there is a solution for a quicker man overboard rescue platform.

Customers from oil and gas even presented Norsta with scenarios that Rescuesonic can help them mitigate during MOB situations. The overall response was overwhelming and interested parties are requesting for site demostrations and is exploring MOB recovery procedures within their organisation.

Norsta Asia Specialise in Industrial dehumidifier, Remote control lifebuoy, Personal locator beacon, Ship Supplies and Rescuesonic lifebuoy