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WES3 is the latest in fire and emergency alarm system Innovation developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. EN54 compliant, this advanced system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites. WES3with a market-leading two-year warranty.

Building on the success of our pioneering WES+ range using Ramtech's expertise in wireless technology, WES3offers the most up-to-date wireless fire evacuation alarms available on the market.WES3 has been created to safeguard your assets in the marine, offshore, industrial buildings and construction site.

WES REACT combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data and an easy-to-use mobile phone app to create a fully integrated emergency response system. Project management teams receive real-time information regarding site emergencies, and instantly send customised alerts out to relevant site personnel. REACT with WES3 has been created to safeguard your personnel and property. The WES REACT system has been developed specifically to provide Construction teams with a simple and secure means of communicating fire, medical and other site emergencies to affected personnel, both on and off site.

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Introducing WES Hotspot, the latest in groundbreaking fire safety innovation from the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. This intelligent technology detects the risk of fire before it ignites, isolates power to the electrical device at risk and can send an instant alert to all relevant personnel.

The addition of Hotspot WES market-leading product range means that we can help protect your building from the risk of fire from initial construction to final hand-over and ongoing maintenance. By implementing a pre-ignition solution, you can stop fire before it starts, limiting the risk of damage to your building.

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