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Yacht Maintenance to avoid unplanned breakdown at sea

A scheduled yacht maintenance plan enhanced the safety and reliability of any yacht, reducing potential risk of operational failure at sea.  

Our proposed maintenance plan are designed accordance to the Yacht condition without hurting the owners pocket while managing downtime to suit his or her schedule. Our technical advisors and engineers are hands on. We will make regular visits according to owner needs to ensure that all is well and to liaise with crew or designated yacht management agents for ongoing maintenance and yacht operations.

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Yacht Retrofitting,  

Restoration and Safety Compliance

The safety of the Owner, family and guests, crew and the valuable yacht are paramount.

We shall ensure that any retrofits as requested by Owner shall be accordance to safety and compliance is adhere to maritime regulations which are deemed mandatory.

Our team of engineers and technical advisor worked closely with our in-house accredited surveyors  to ensure compliance.We consider everyone’s safety to be a culture aboard the yachts and ashore.


For more information on our in-house surveyors accredited by MPA Singapore.

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24/7 Urgent Servicing, Repair and Spare Parts Replacement

Our service and technical team is fully committed to respond to our customer urgent needs any time of the day.

Our licensed and equipped facilities feature hassle free servicing. 

We do keep common marine spare parts for immediate replacement needs to shorten the downtime.